((The #1s)) Band Profile and Upcoming Los Angeles Concerts - Oh My Rockness

Written by Patrick McNamara

Dublin’s The #1s rock the rowdy power pop that jingles and jangles its way straight to your punk rock loving heart. These four dudes (Goucher! Eddie! Cian! Conor!) have the hooks to make the whole world dance - or at least the lucky liquored up patrons of the dank basement club where these jams likely sound the best.

The #1s are a party, dude. And everyone is welcome to sing and sweat along without ever once wondering where it all went wrong. I do believe that’s called having fun.

If other band comparisons are your thing, please compare The #1s to your favorite 1977 punk band meets your favorite 1978 pop band meets your favorite current 2014 band. Hope that helps!

Also, you may now think cheerful guitar solos meet euphoric riffs meet aggressive good times meet distorted delight meets some exuberant “oh-oh-ohs” sung in unison meets... I don’t know... it’s a party, dude. Are we gonna sit around describin' this band or are we gonna get blastin' and livin', man?

But what to blast? Glad you asked. This is actually something I can help you out with (and probably the only useful part of this dynamic band profile). The band recently released their debut self-titled full length on Deranged Records featuring 10 straight slamma jamma power pop punk HITS. Below is a song from it. It’s called “Heartsmash.” That's the banger you should blast. Not a banger like the mash kind. I’m talking the “oh wait, I was feeling blue, and now I’m in a better mood” kind.

OK. My work here is done. Another dynamic band profile in the books. Get blasting. Get living. Have fun. Die trying. Forever and Ever. Amen.

Published August 19, 2014



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