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Written by Patrick McNamara

The Ambulars (that’s Andy handling the drums! over there is Jen on vocals and electric bass! the fella up front is Michael on electric guitar and vocals and the organ sometimes too!) are a very appealing emo-ish indie pop punk band from Philadelphia.

(other good emo-ish indie pop punk bands from Philly that I’ve recently written about include: Amanda X + Swearin’ + Cayetana + Radiator Hospital - you can click over and read about them too - but really, this time is supposed to be devoted to The Ambulars)

Speaking of The Ambulars, (the narrator in parentheses doesn’t know that the narrator outside the parentheses can read his/her parentheses - don’t tell him/her), this band writes songs that are almost instantly singable. It’s a catchy situation we have here. Yes, sir. Yes, ma'am. All you need to do is learn the words and it’s off to the sing-a-long races with these guys.

Admittedly, I myself haven’t quite learned all the words yet - even after listening to their album “Dreamers Asleep at the Wheel” (hint: it’s posted below) many, many, many times of late. But that hasn't stopped me from trying to sing along. And anyway, I’ll get there. With the help of a spammy lyrics site that will destroy my computer with viruses and pop-ups, goddamn it, I WILL learn the words to The Ambulars' songs. In the meantime, I just slur and stumble along to the best of my abilities - approaching these lyrics with a confident heart and a courageous falsetto.

(i CAN sing along to the part in that one song “Teenage Hate” where Michael on electric guitar and vocals and the organ sometimes goes, “My teenage hearttttttt! My teenage hearttttttt!” over and over - and I do so beautifully.)

Yes. I too like that “Teenage Hate” song, parentheses narrator. And if you, dear Rockness reader, like catchy punk earnestness minus the cheese, The Ambulars might be the band for you. If you like catchy punk earnestness with the cheese, might I be so bold as to recommend “Time of My Life” by Green Day?

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Published February 18, 2014



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