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The Babies

Oh, boo-hoo, another indie super-group... of sorts (YOINKS... just did what every other music writer does and attached "of sorts" right after mentioning a somewhat super band that has members of other bands in that band... YOINKS! But we've talked about this problem of ours extensively on these pages... enough is enough, wasn't remotely funny the eighth time).

The Babies are a super-group OF SORTS (YEEE HAWWW!) featuring Kevin from that band Woods, Cassie from that band Vivian Girls, and Justin from that band Bossy.

I like The Babies. They've got that nice, lo-fi sunny swirling '60s sound you've heard from some of the members' other bands, and they've also got that muffled punk thing going on too. You know, muffled booze punk. Not the punk that goes "ARF! ARF! ARF!" but the kind of punk that goes "YELP! YELP! YELP!"

Yep, The Babies are just what you want sometimes. My biggest complaint with this band though, is that that no matter HOW MANY TIMES I tell them not to play with Daddy's records, they STILL pull them all out and stomp and spin and dance all over the gatefolds. And I won't even begin to help you imagine what 180 grams of vinyl looks like after it's served as a giant teething ring. GOD!

Published April 1, 2010



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