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The Dutchess & The Duke

Seattle's stripped-down acoustic blues-y folk duo who loftily call themselves The Dutchess and The Duke are childhood pals who are better known to their family and friends by the more commoner monikers, Kimberly Morrison and Jesse Lortz.

You hear a whole lot of influences here, most rooted in the '60s. There's The Rolling Stones, the Mamas and the Papas, a little Lou Reed and Bob Dylan to be sure. And all of these rock influences are blended together and played with a complete lack of bombast. The duo's measured songs are lazy in the best way. Their guitars pluck and strum along to mellow tambourine taps and deliberate drums, making melodies that are sung without a care in the world.

Your head might feel slightly hazy after listening to these two, but your mind will get expanded man! The Dutchess and The Duke would make most excellent music to accompany a long magic carpet ride. Their debut is out now on Hardly Art which is a Sub Pop imprint and also a lyric of The Thermals. Groovy!
Published August 13, 2008



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