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Did you ever see that movie from 1986 called "Something Wild?" If not, that's understandable. It's been out of print on DVD forever and they're just re-releasing it now.

Anyway, I watched it a few nights ago. Decent. Sort of funny. Good old New York movie. I guess. But there's this pivotal scene when the Melanie Griffith character (epitome of CLASS, that one is) and the Jeff Daniels character go to her lame high school reunion in the middle of nowhere Pennsylvania. And the house band for this lame reunion is The Feelies.

First, there is NO WAY a band as cool as The Feelies would play a high school reunion... because they would never be asked to. Second, there is NO WAY the people would "fast dance" to The Feelies' song "Crazy Rhythms." It's just not going to happen. Those crazy rhythms are too eccentric and all over the place.

I'll tell you what would REALLY happen. The Feelies would start to play, and all the reunion ladies and bros would totally freeze, look at each other and say, "What the hell is this? This ain't Prince or Cyndi Lauper!" That's exactly what would happen if The Feelies played a high school reunion in the middle of nowhere Pennsylvania. Come on, Jonathan Demme!

Anyway... I just wanted to bring that up with you. Thanks for listening. (Now thinking The Feelies playing that reunion was all just a joke by the filmmaker... if that's the case, touché friend. Touché.)

Published June 6, 2011



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