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The Good Gospel Truth

Forgive our preaching, but the word certainly needs to be spread to all nations. The Good Gospel Truth have built their foundation upon the rock! And all ye citizens should soften your cynical, "Well, nothing REALLY rocks anymore" hearts and truly listen to your potential new musical saviors.

This instantly likeable Brooklyn group features Detachment Kit guitar kid Charlie and (sometimes) Detachment Kit singer Ian, along with the band's original Tennessee founders Gieves and Moses. Together, these guys pool their talents to slay in somewhat similar style to Detachment Kit (one of our very favorite bands), but with rhythms that are perhaps a little less spazzy and a little more bouncy.

Certainly following in the DK footsteps though, The Good Gospel Truth make music meant for guitars. Guitars are everything here, and you'll find plenty of riffs worth e-mailing mom about. And don't think of this rock as the type of rock that will make your ears explode, either. This is the type of rock that, when you see it live from the stage, will make you smile and give a fragile fist bump to the person standing next to you. The Good Gospel Truth's rock isn't around to make you angry. It's around to make you feel, you know, good.
Published June 18, 2008



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