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Written by Patrick McNamara

Pittsburgh's The Gotobeds plays goddamn delightful punk that you can get real rowdy with. I'm talking tightly twisted ramshackle sweaty boozy musical goodness that should happily get any sloppy party started. Put these dudes on the next time you're sitting around with your peeps doing something boring and see what happens to your night. Hell, do it when you're hanging at home drinking alone too. Oh, the places you'll go.

The band of four (Eli on guitars + Tom on guitars + Gavin on bass + Cary on drugs*) released their gleeful debut album in 2014 on XLU Records. It's called “Poor People Revolting" and it's real good and funny and jams it just right. One stand out track is called "New York's Alright (If You Like Sex And Phones)" and if you like sex and/or phones and/or pizza and/or finding free money on the street you're going to love it.

Since that release, The Gotobeds have signed to some small Seattle label called Sub Pop (sp?) for their next album (could take over the world?) and have more recently have played shows with other good bands like Protomartyr + Royal Headache + lots more probably but it's hard keeping up with this crazy quick life.

Anyway, if you like early ___________ meets late era ______________ meets bands that are good you should definitely give these punks The Gotobeds a goddamn chance. Let them slop your party out, even if it's just you on your couch. You won't regret it in the morning.

Go ahead and stream that debut album now. Works best if you blast it so none of this comfortable listening level shit that's not gonna get it done.

(*that's "drums" not "drugs" that was an honest to God typo that made me laugh out loud so I kept it in)

Published August 23, 2015



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