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Brooklyn's The Hairs is Kelvin Alvir and his friends (including sometimes Alex Naidus of The Pains of Being Pure at Heart... WOW! OMG! LUV!). Alvir is in Knight School. Knight School is a good band too.

The Hairs play catchy and kinda quirky indie pop that goes all lo-fi and comes with lots of fuzz. It's bouncy and happy and funny and borders on being "twee." And it's good. Dare I say this is almost whistling worthy, too?

This band has been compared to other bands like Guided by Voices, Cloud Nothings, Daniel Johnston and U2. Ok, only I compare them to U2... and that's only because both U2 and The Hairs are bands that use guitars.

So anyway, The Hairs are a perfectly likeable band that sounds charmingly budget. But there're some strong songs going on here. These aren't just some kids messing around thinking it would be fun to be in a band and stuff. It may sound that way to you at times, but during those times, you would be wrong. (Love telling people I don't know that they're wrong).

Go see The Hairs. It sometimes features Alex Naidus of The Pains. WOW! OMG! LUV!

Published May 11, 2011



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