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If you refer back to my profile on Denmark's Oh No Ono (don't go back and read it - subjecting yourself to these profiles one time around is plenty painful as it is), you'll find that I implied that all bands from Denmark sound like Mew.

Well, I'll be the first to admit when I'm wrong (every time a space shuttle launches into space, that doesn't mean astronauts get out and walk on the moon... who knew... not me.).

The Kissaway Trail sounds absolutely nothing like Mew (except for a little bit of melodic bells). Nope, The Kissaway Trail sounds like a dash of Scandinavian heaven. And Scandinavian heaven sounds remarkably like good pop music. We know; we've been to Norway.

You can sing along to this band very easily, and hey you might even want to try kissing to them too! I mean, why not? Epic pop music that's all pretty and stuff has always been for lovers, after all. Now all you need is someone to love you! Wahhhhh!

The Kissaway Trail says they're influenced by Daniel Johnston and Sunny Day Real Estate. Hmmm, now there are two influences you don't often see lined up next to each other (they also say they're influenced by Grandaddy too, and we definitely hear that).

But really, they should just say they are NOT influenced by Mew. But then Mew would make a counter-claim that THEY are NOT influenced by The Kissaway Trail. And then things would just get ugly up there in Scandinavia. And Scandinavia is normally so pretty. We know. We've been to Norway.
Published December 16, 2009



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