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The Last Shadow Puppets

The Last Shadow Puppets is the "side-project" of Arctic Monkey's lead-singer Alex Turner, Miles Kane (of the decidedly less famous band, The Rascals) and producer/drummer James Ford of Simian Mobile Disco. And hey, The Last Shadow Puppets sound a lot like Arctic Monkeys, although with a little less swagger and a lot more strings (Mr. Final Fantasy himself, string savant Owen Pallet, arranged, orchestrated and conducted everything on their Domino Records debut).

Overall, this is a slightly subdued cocktail party affair that the band says is inspired by early David Bowie. It's interesting to note that The Last Shadow Puppets played their first ever show in Brooklyn in the spring of 2008. I guess if they'd had it in the UK it would have been pandemonium or something (aren't Arctic Monkeys big like Blur over there?). You won't see a lot of snot flying at a Last Shadow Puppets show. But you will find plenty of melodic flourish... just so you know what to expect.
Published July 16, 2008



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