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The Megaphonic Thrift

Sigurd Fandango
So just like Pirate Love and Hanne Hukkelberg and The Depreciation Guild, Megaphonic Thrift are also playing the Oh My Rockness (that's us) and Oya Festival (that's not us) party on 3/15/10 at Santos Party House in New York of City.

So you should come out. Not because this band profile is so totally awesome and compelling (we haven't even gotten to the profile yet) but because it would be a fun thing to do. Party with you, that is.

Ok, so now about the band. You probably haven't heard of Megaphonic Thrift unless you're Norwegian, or unless you have some strange Scandinavian fetish. However, once you go to this show (and you WILL go... OR DEATH!) you will see a new band that you will most probably really like.

Well, you'd most probably like them if you most probably like Sonic Youth. Because Megaphonic Thrift is noise-y and distort-y and pop-y like Sonic Youth. They've also got a little bit of Serena-Maneesh in them too. Am I just saying that because Serena-Maneesh is also from Norway? I don't even know anymore.

But if you listen to Megaphonic Thrift and don't hear a little bit of Sonic Youth, well, perhaps I should hang up the hat and pull down my pants for a good spank. (No, that's not my fetish. Scandinavian music is.) Megaphonic Thrift foreva!
Published March 10, 2010



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