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The New Wine are a young foursome from Bergen, Norway, which somehow has become the new musical hot spot in all of Europe. The band plays easy-going electro-pop that will most likely get you to do your best shimmy. I'm always up for a good shimmy.

The band's synth-y grooves and sweet guitar licks sometimes veer towards, dare I say, "funk" territory. And though any band or any thing having to do with funk often gives me the irresistible urge to head towards the nearest hills and seek out a desolate log cabin where I can gouge out my eardrums in peace, these guys aren't like that.

Let's not call this funk then, because The New Wine's aim is to make you want to vivaciously dance, not violently deafen yourself. So maybe we can just call this electro-pop and call it a day.

The band often gets compared to The Whitest Boy Alive (Erlend Oye's current electro project after he did his Kings of Convenience thing), and that's a fair comparison considering Oye is a pal and frequent collaborator with these talented lads.

Now, I know I should also probably be comparing The New Wine to someone huge in the electro-pop world like Hot Chip or Ratatat, but I just can't stop thinking about Hall and Oates. And that's ok because I happen to like Hall and Oates. I bet Jermaine from Flight of the Conchords would dig these guys. The New Wine has just got that sort of '70s, ok fine, funk going on. At least they're not "chill."
Published March 2, 2009



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