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Boston's The Novel Ideas rocks the upbeat pop that's no so much "power" as it is just kind of happy. The band approaches songwriting with an optimistic sense of buoyancy, it seems. In other words, these songs have some serious pep in their step. It's refreshing in its brightness.

Singer Daniel Radin's (one-fourth of this band and also a member of Magic Man, another Rockness fave) clean, clear and assured vocals are the perfect complement to this gleaming guitar jingle-jangle sound. This band also gets really nice and pretty when co-singer Jeannie Yoon floats in her effortless harmonies. It makes everything seem richer.

As for other band comparisons... remember Conor Oberst's old short-lived band Desaparecidos? The Novel Ideas kind of remind me of them. It's poppy and can rock out, but it's also got a little bit of a folk vibe going on, too. Just a little bit.

Anyway, if you're going to give these guys/girl one listen, listen to their song "On Fire." If that song's not pop, nothing is.
Published April 13, 2011



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