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I remember when I first saw The Proclaimers video (i.e. "I'm Gonna Be" a.k.a. "500 Miles") from the famous "Benny & Joon" soundtrack . I thought this band was really just one dude. It never even occurred to me that the two guys singing and strumming along side-by-side who looked EXACTLY alike (blond Buddy Hollys) were twin brothers. I just guessed that the video was rocking one of those "Parent Trap" camera tricks (you know; how can Haley Mills be on the left side of the screen AND the right side of the screen at THE SAME TIME?! That's so COOL!). Boy was I one dumb little dude.

Anyway, their hit song from that cinematic masterpiece was forever ago. In fact, that song is so old, it was old even when that Johnny-Depp-doing-dumb-Charlie-Chaplin film was released in 1993. "500 Miles" was originally released five years before in 1988! 1988?! That was, like, even before blogs!

I'm not going to lie. That song is the only Proclaimers song I know. But it's nice to see this band of brothers out playing our shores again, because it's a really catchy song! "Just to BE the Man who WALKS and FLOWS and MILES and DOORS---." Oh, like you haven't been humming this too while reading this very boring profile. And we're both probably wondering the same thing right now: what the hell does "havering" mean?
Published April 22, 2009



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