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I saw The Race play right after the release of their 2004 record If You Can back in 2004. I definitely liked them. My impression at the time was that they sounded perhaps like a less complex version of Radiohead. Or more specifically, I thought the croons of front man Craig Klein were very reminiscent of Thom Yorke.

After that show, I didn't really hear about them for awhile and I sort of forgot how much potential the band had. But now they're back with a new album (Ice Station) and playing out again, reminding me how good they can be.

But seriously, they sound completely different than they did three years ago. Once just your pretty standard guitar band, these guys have evolved into all things digital. The Race still bust out the indie rock riffs, but they're supplementary now. At the forefront are layers of swirls, samples, bleeps and clicks.

The result is a digitally lush listening experience that sometimes borders on gloomy, but is maybe even more accessible than before. Even Klein has changed his voice, sounding nothing like Thom Yorke anymore. Regardless, they're worth seeing for sure. And if you like what you hear, enjoy it, because who knows what The Race will sound like three years from now.
Published May 23, 2007



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