((The Rassle)) Band Profile and Upcoming Los Angeles Concerts - Oh My Rockness

Let's take a moment to give it up for a band that still knows how to have a good time when they play. That band is The Rassle. This new-ish NYC crew was created from the ashes of three other bands; The Virgins, The Takeover UK and The Young Lords. Did you like those bands? If so, you weren't alone. Anyway, we'll talk more about the past in a line or two.

The Rassle rocks jubilance. Their jams are peppy, catchy, punk-y, garage-y, and blues-y too. Don't all of those things strung together spell out jubilance to you? The Rassle sure do seem to get compared an awful lot to the power-pop bands from the distant past. These bands include Big Star, T. Rex, Cheap Trick, and even The Stones. Who knows why retro references follows them around so. Maybe it's just that the bands back then seemed to have more fun? Maybe it's that The Rassle joy that makes people want to go back in time. Who knows. I sure don't.

But I do know that this is rock out music that celebrates life, rather than rolls around in its despair. Give it up for The Rassle for bringing the fun back into punk, which turns punk into funk.
Published June 23, 2011



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