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Written by Patrick McNamara

Cleveland’s The Sidekicks are a band of four (vocalist/guitarist/keyboardist Steve Ciolek + drummer Matt Climer + guitarist/vocalist/pianist Matt Scheuermann + bassist Ryan Starinsky) playing polished/sunny/poppy indie rock that might leave you in a better mood, unless you were already perfectly chill. In that case, as you were.

The band has kicked the goodness around for a bit, having already released a solid album wayyyy back in the day (what was 2012 even LIKE, mannn?) that surely delighted scores of fans in the Middle West. But 2015 might be the year The Sidekicks go big and seduce the rest of the country. They are set to release a big new album in January (“Runners In The Nerved World) for a big new label (Epitaph) featuring big sounding songs (which you can listen to in a minute) produced by a big old name (Phil Ek) and things are going to get hectic.

If you like to play the band comparison game as much as I do then you’re going to love this next bit. If you enjoy any of the following bands you might also enjoy The Sidekicks: early Band of Horses (the good album) + early Built to Spill (“Phil Ek here, with a preview of the next Built to Spill record….. Kick you in the head! And then I’ll kick you in the head!”) + The Shins (yep, still using them as a reference point in late 2014) + Fleet Foxes (same) + well, I think you’re starting to get a lay of the land so I’ll just go ahead and stop now.

You may now stream not 1, not 2, but 3 (!) big sounding songs off the upcoming album I mentioned two paragraphs previously. And there’s more where that came from. Hang tight. 2015 is almost here and it just might be The Sidekicks year.

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Published December 22, 2014



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