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If you like Metz, The Soupcans should be one of your new favorite bands. And I'm not just saying that because both bands are trios from Toronto who play fun, thrash-y punk with lots of noisy distortion and super strong melodies and stuff. OR AM I?????

No, I'm not. I'm saying if you like Metz you might like The Soupcans because both are really good bands. And isn't that what this is all about? Attempting to lead you on a transcendent path from one good band to another good band to another and another ad infinitum until we both realize that this seemingly never-ending quest to find musical enlightenment is, in the Grand Scheme of things, a completely transitory one? Holy Smokes! You betcha, it is!

Any-who, let's toss some more comparisons at ya: The Soupcans also kind of sound like Richard Hell fronting The Stooges fronting The Sex Pistols fronting.....oooh, I was just about to say Metz. But I didn't. And therefore I did. So put that in your categorical box and smoke it.

Final thought about The Soupcans: this is aggressive, loud, and intense. But contrary to the norm when those adjectives are involved, this doesn't sound angry. At all. It's super fun, actually. So let's not call this punk. Let's call this "optimistic catharsis-core." Yeah. Sounds like a genre label that's really going to take off. More like Oh My SUCKness.

The Soupcans play sick PUNK that DESTROYS. The end.

Published January 16, 2013



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