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Put a flower in your hair, because Bridgeport, CT's The Stepkids have just arrived. Wait a minute. Bridgeport, CT? Bullshit. These guys are from San Francisco. I just know it. And they say these three dudes are just getting their hype machine humming right now in 2011? Bullshit. These guys started way back in 1969. I just know it.

Seriously, The Stepkids are a big old blast from the past. If someone said this is what The Merry Pranksters were listening to on Further as Neal Cassady drove them all into the abyss, I wouldn't have batted an eye. That's how psychedelic with a capital "P" The StePkids are. And sure, they also throw in a good smattering of late '60s funkdafied soul too.

Live, their shows are already becoming legendary for... well, actually let's not get into the land of hyperbole here. Let me redo that. Live, their shows are already getting positive feedback (better?) for being a total all-inclusive trippy experience. The band likes to dress in all white and have all sorts of swirly, crazy colored lights going on and off all over the place when they play. I can dig that.

A Stepkids show is a sit-in, man. It's a happening. And The Stepkids star power is set to rise even higher with their full-length debut coming out on Stones Throw soon. Stones Throw? Bullshit. This is coming out on... well... whoever put out those early Jefferson Airplane records. Yeah. That's it.

Published August 24, 2011



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