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L.A.'s The Submarines are an indie-pop duo comprised of John Dragonetti (he sometimes sings and plays the guitar) and Blake Hazard (she sings most of the time and strikes up the synths). Together, the romantic on-again-off-again-on-again couple layers a bunch of lush, lo-fi electro melodies to create a warm, sugary sound that falls somewhere alongside Canada's Stars and Illinois' Headlights (who happen to be their current tour mates).

The Submarines certainly aren't going to offend anyone who likes to take their music easy; their songs are short, sweet and have some very nice guitar parts mixed among the pleasant synths. But if The Submarines happen to come through your office cubicle's speakers right as you've had a few too many cups of coffee, this might not be the band for you. However, if you're driving home from a really good outdoor lunch spot with the windows rolled down and The Submarines come on the radio, this may be the best band of your life, at least until you pull into your driveway.
Published May 27, 2008



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