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Their / They're / There

Written by Patrick McNamara

Their / They’re / There just might be your / you’re (many people don’t seem to know the difference between these two words - particularly on social media, it seems - people i know for a fact went to college) favorite new band if you like bands that put you in a better mood. They’re three dudes from over there in Chicago and their members include Evan Weiss (Into it. Over it.) and Mike Kinsella (Cap’n American Owen of Arc) and Matthew Frank (Loose Lips Sink Ships).

Now, considering those bands I have just mentioned, you will surely see your favorite new muzik resource blob (other than this kewl 1) describe this band as a supergroup. And that’s fine. Totally, totally cool. Get it. Got it. Into it. Over it. But here’s what’s totally NOT cool - when the “of sorts” gets inevitably tagged on to the end of that descriptive statement. Example: “Their / They’re / There is a supergroup of sorts featuring blah blah blah.” Look for it. You’ll be amazed how often that “of sorts” shows up. Careful Rockness readers will note that I have spouted on about this very important issue before. But if I don't shout this matter of grave concern from the mountaintops in hopes of starting a revolution, who will, dear Rockness reader? Who? Will?

But here’s what you really need to know about Their / They’re / There. If you like poppy, noodle-y math-rock (you know how Chicago is still wont to do, son!) that’s easily singable (i’m humming their jam “New Blood” as i type these words - i’d sing it - but my brain ain’t all polyrhythmic like that - i can’t rub my tummy while patting my head - and other very important skillzzz like that) you’re going to like these guys. And if you don’t like parenthetical asides, you’ve just hated this portion of this band profile the most.

Get Their / They’re / There’s new album on Polyvinyl. It’s really good. I’ve listened to it a bunch of times. Because I believe in my own things I’m throwing down. And oh yeah, go out there and see them play on a stage someday soon, son!

In closing, my hometown Chicago Bulls will win the NBA Finals this year. I guarantee it. With a healthy D-Rose back in action, and the free agent addition of sharpshooting bench warmer, Mike Dunleavy Jr., they've really put together a supergroup of sorts out there.

Published October 29, 2013



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