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Wham City this ain't. Nope, they may be from Baltimore, but Thrushes remind me of those ALT bands (but still radio-ready) I used to listen to in the 19-Naughtys: big, guitar power-pop with lots of distortion and soaring feelings. Soaring feelings used to be SO naughty!

Fronted by Anna Conner, this quartet likes to rock a sound grand in scale. Their songs have (shockingly, for 2010) building intros and meaty middles and sticky refrains and graceful endings. In other words, Thrushes' layered pop is fully realized.

Whether or not you're down with their sound kind of depends on you. Do you like Slumberland Records (from Black Tambourine to The Pains)? Were you into Velocity Girl? Feel good when you hear Autolux? How about sweet and lush-y shoegaze? Are you into the lushness? If you said yes to any of the above, then will you be my friend? I need more friends into those above things. I also need more friends who will give me money.

Oh, and check out Thrushes' nice cover of Mazzy Star's "Fade Into You." It kind of nicely sums up what this nice band is all about. Tick-Tock, You Don't Stop. I Wanna Thrush You Up... ALLLLL NIGHT! 19-Naughtys foreva.
Published February 24, 2010



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