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Written by Patrick McNamara

Blast this band while sitting in the sun, pondering the pretty flowers, and grooving to the hum of the chill vibrations.

Tomorrow’s Tulips are a fuzzy duo from Costa Mesa, CA that make leisurely blissed out lo-fi. Alex plays guitar and sings. Ford plays bass. Their skewed hazy jams are in no hurry, man. Let’s take it slow. And let the goodness flow.

There’s definitely a Velvet Underground vibe going on here. I can dig on that banana, baby. Keep riding that wave. The more the merrier for bands that want to sound like Lou’s crew, that’s what I always say.

(Except for The Pizza Underground - because Macauley was such a dick in “The Good Son.”)

Let’s see. How else might I massage your expectations concerning Tomorrow’s Tulips? Hmmm. Pavement baked at the beach? That might work. And it has a certain canned quote flair to it. I don’t know. Tomorrow's Tulips sound like The Church on LSD?

Velvet Underground. Pavement baked at the beach. The Church on LSD. Whatever you think. It’s your journey, man. I’m just trying to get you there.

Burger Records recently put out the band's second album, “Experimental Jelly.” You might want to look into that one. It's good. Here’s a video of a song from the album. It’s called “Flowers on the Wall.” Obviously. And no. Neither one of the guys in the video are Kurt Cobain. I already told you. Their names are Alex and Ford. Facebook told me so.

Alright. I gotta blaze and go hang with my kaleidoscope. Hope I helped get you wherever you need to be. And that place is always right exactly where you are. Peace, brother.

Published May 6, 2014



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