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San Francisco’s Tony Molina plays (and played) in a bunch of hardcore bands (Caged Animals, Ovens, Lifetime Problems and some more, I suppose). But that’s not the Tony Molina we’re here to talk about today. We shall perhaps discuss his screams another day.

We’re here to talk about Tony Molina - the power indiepop extraordinaire. Under his own name (once again, that’s Tony. Molina.) he crafts short, super singable songs that sound a little like Matthew Sweet meets Weezer meets The Lemonheads meets Dinosaur Jr. meets the occasional melodic metal riff (anyone remember The Fucking Champs?).

Now when I say Molina’s songs are short - I mean they are SHORT. Molina’s best song (his “jam,” if you will) is “Don’t Come Back” - conveniently embedded for you below (aww, I’m always doing sweet things like that) - is 1:32. That’s one minute and thirty-two seconds. And that’s a song on the longer side of things. Molina has a 42 second song. He has a 45 second song. And yes, he even has a 25 second (!) song. When is a song a snippet? When is a snippet a song? Is this the result of the Twitter generation? I don’t know. I just (sorta) work here.

I do know the feeling of wanting more is often a very good thing. And sure, a 25 second song may be pushing that theory to the limit (by the way, Molina’s twelve track 12” album is roughly ten minutes in length). But whether a song or album is “concise” or simply just “unfinished” is an discussion for another time - another place. Next Friday over soup, salad, and breadsticks, perhaps? (I love the OG.) Or, maybe we can have that chat when some band is up there on stage thinking we actually want to stand through their two-and-a-half hour set? You better be playing in a stadium if you’re going to try that on us, bub. And even then.....even then....

The mighty Slumberland record label is putting out some stuff by Tony Molina soon. Slumberland knows good pop. And if you check this guy out, you’ll know good pop too. So go ahead. Give it a stream. And when you do - don’t blink. Because just as quickly as this goodness comes....POOF....it’s gone. Erased.....from...existence.

Published May 14, 2013



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