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Written by Patrick McNamara

Totorro are a (mostly) instrumental 'post something' math rock band from Rennes, France - a town 3 hours and 27 minutes west of Paris in current traffic (thanks, Google). Four technically proficient dudes (John + Christophe + Bertrand +Xavier) + two guitars + one bass + some drums make this post rock magic. Their songs start slow and quiet and build towards something shimmering and triumphant and euphoric. Give them space. Give them time. Enjoy the glory of the journey

I don't believe these guys have ever played here in the States (Google didn't know that shit) so I'm willing to bet you've never seen them live. But that certainly shouldn't stop you from getting into Totorro's goodness. New 2.0 intrapage technology now allows for people to listen to good bands from wherever they are - even to bands based as far away as Western France!

The band has put out three well-received releases (by this music blobber, anyway) and you can sync and stream them all straight to your digital screen via the World Wide Intrasphere by clicking that link. However, I have also conveniently provided Totorro's latest (and perhaps their greatest) album “Home Alone" right below these very dynamic words if you just want to stay and hang out here on this digital intrapage a little longer. Please note: this record starts like a turtle and finishes like a rabbit so give it space...... give it time.

If you like instrumental 'post something' math rock like I do, I'm placing my final all-in bet that you'll like Totorro too.

(Wikipedia Update: Rennes is the capital of the Brittany region and is the tenth largest city in France. It's the sister city of Rochester, NY. - another place I have never been.)

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Published April 13, 2015



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