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Cincinnati's (or should I say Cinci-naughty? no, probably not) Tweens are a fevered trio that rocks some (self-described) trash pop. I would’ve gone with garage-punk, perhaps. But they would know best. And yes. Now that I think about it, trash pop sounds right to me too. After all, when I blast this I do feel a little bit soiled. And sometimes feeling soiled is just what you want. (Not in bed after a night of heavy drinking, though. That’s just no fun at all. And makes for a long morning of serious reevaluation.)

But Tweens are fun. Almost as fun as smooth paragraph transitions. These two dudes and one lady (BB Tween + Jerri Tween + Dabney Tween + definitely their real names... definitely) are dirty and obnoxious. I’m talking about the music they make. Not the makers. I’m sure BB and Jerri and Dabney are very nice, polite, giving and extremely clean people.

Tweens songs go all scratchy and yelp-y and distorted and stuff. And it’s fast and loud and can be kind of grating - in a good way - like shredding fine, stinky cheese. Now doesn’t that sound like fun? Of course it does. The only thing that would make Tweens more fun is if their music went upside down for a few death defying loops. What does that even mean? I have no idea, Dear Rockness Reader. I think I was thinking about roller coasters. Because they’re pretty much the ultimate in fun.

Speaking of fun (another seamless transition!), here's a fun fact. Tweens recently opened for The Breeders for one of their reunion shows. So Kim Deal thinks this band is the real (fill in the blank). Fun Fact #2. Tweens also recently played with another new band I like, Drowners. So that gives me an excuse to link to that band too. Fun Fact #3. That ride that spins around really fast and the floor drops out is pretty fun too. What’s that thing called?

Anyway, give Tweens’ Trash Pop a (tilt-a) whirl by streaming that magical player thing below. You might like it. Then go see them and get trashy. It’s fun to get soiled every now and then.

Published May 14, 2013



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