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Australia's Twerps play laid-back surf-ish (that's a word now) garage pop that kind of reminds me of Urge Overkill. Is anyone still reminded of Urge Overkill these days? Apparently so, Rockness reader. Apparently so.

This easy-going pop just sort of glides along at its own freewheeling pace, rocking you out in the most natural way. And that's always been the recipe for sold-out show success and second dates: just be yourself. Oh wait, that's actually the opposite of how we want our rock stars to act. We want Bono.

Well, whatever. My theory might be blown, but Twerps are still a really solid band. They write good guitar jams. So that's all you need to know at this particular time.

The excellent Underwater Peoples record label (Spectrals, Julian Lynch, Real Estate, Big Troubles and the super solid list goes on and on...) put out Twerps record here in the States. You should get it if you can't see them play around here. They are from Melbourne after all. That flight is no joke.

Published November 29, 2011



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