((Two Inch Astronaut)) Band Profile and Upcoming Los Angeles Concerts - Oh My Rockness

Written by Patrick McNamara

Stop reading now if you only like listening to synth-y bands. Stop reading now if you only like listening to dubstep. Stop reading now if you have to go to the bathroom. The payoff at the end never really happens.

Maryland’s Two Inch Astronaut are three dudes who do the ‘90s melodic angular math post alt thang. And it’s made by GUITARS.* That’s g-u-i-t-a-r-s (pronounced “gwee-tarz”). And they do that thang really well. I will now stop saying thang. My spell check doesn’t really understand this sudden shift in tone.

With all their stabby jabby distortion in all its catchy up down swervy glory, Two Inch Astronaut could easily be a Dischord band. But they’re not. They’re on Exploding in Sound. And that fine up-and-coming label’s website says Two Inch Astronaut has drawn comparisons to Thingy (Rob Crow’s band after Heavy Vegetable and before Pinback... and his 150 other bands). I totally hear that. So good job to whoever first made that Thingy band comparison. I wish it had been me.... but it wasn’t. And sometimes you just gotta tip your cap and move on.

Speaking of band comparisons! If you know and like (Exploding in Sound alumni) Speedy Ortiz and (Maryland brethren) Roomrunner and (no correlation that I could find but I’m sure I’ll find something soon) Life Size Maps, you should give Two Inch Astronaut a try. Maybe you’ll like them too. Because it seems to make sense that you might. But who knows. People are complex and don’t always make sense. (In fifth grade I told my friends that I had a WWF wrestling ring in my living room and then invited them over for a wrestling party. Did I have a wrestling ring in my living room? I did not. Did I tell them when they came over that my dog ate it? Yes I did.)

Anyway, Two Inch Astronaut rock out pretty good. Did I mention that yet? Well, they do.

And now we’ve come to the end. Tah-dah! (Hope you weren’t holding it this whole time. I warned you.)

*oh yeah, and drums (pronounced “drums”)

Published May 21, 2013



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