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Written by Patrick McNamara

L.A.’s Upset = singer/guitarist Ali Koehler (she was the drummer in Vivian Girls and also Best Coast before she got kicked out and yo, that be COLD, B) + drummer Patty Schemel (she was in some band called Hole - not familiar) + guitarist Jennifer Prince (La Sera - whatever will be, will be). Together, they play instantly appealing pop punk that’ll put a bounce in your step as you walk around carrying all that alt lament.

There’s a little bit of that good old ‘90s guitar crunch going on over this sunny catchiness. Think about The Breeders and Veruca Salt and Belly and, you know, good old bands like that. Then stop thinking about the past so much. Live for NOW, goddamn it. Seize the Day. This is Your Captain Your Captain speaking. And that’s an order.

Upset are probably indeed upset. There is some heartbreak going on in these songs. So try not to feel these words TOO much. Let's be fragile with our delicate selves. Instead, just listen for that snappy peppy sweet jingle jangle and chorus you can crush in the shower. We don’t need anybody going around feeling sad now. They will be plenty of time for that later........much later.

Upset released their debut album on the mighty Don Giovanni Records a little while ago (do you really need a specific date, dear Rockness reader?). It’s called “She’s Gone” and it’s really good. I’ve been wearing that record out. So too, by association, have my upstairs neighbors. I hope they like it. I’ve never asked them. Sometimes it’s best to have a don’t ask / don’t tell relationship with your neighbors, you know?

Here’s a song from “She’s Gone.” Guess what it’s called? “She’s Gone.” Woah. That’s some spooky shit.

Published April 15, 2014



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