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Written by Patrick McNamara

New Jersey’s Vasudeva (Chris! Derek! Corey! Grant!) create shimmering instrumental math-rock that will make you feel better about things than you did before you walked in. Assuming you walked in here liking math-rock. If you don’t like math-rock, I suggest you stop reading right now. And please don’t hurt anybody before the door hits your ass on the way out, you horrible monster.

As for the rest of you non-savages still reading this thing, I think you’ll really like this band. Because you and I know good math-rock (that wonderful meandering noodle-y sound perhaps first established somewhere near Chicago circa 1995... .or you can think Louisville or D.C. if you want... whatevs) when we hear it.

The four guys in Vasudeva also know good instrumental math-rock - especially when they play it. Because their furious guitar taps twinkle. Their meandering verses soar. And their pretty melodies aim for the upper regions of the still bright sky where only the eagles and angels dare fly.

Vasudeva come recommended if you liked: Ilium + Dianogah + Trans Am + The Fucking Champs + Ghosts and Vodka + Tristeza + Paul Newman + pardon me now, I’m just reliving good old personal times here. But I linked those old band names to those old songs for a reason, man. They represent 7 classic math-rock jams you can listen to at your leisure. But only after you listen to Vasudeva first. Let's not go getting distracted here.

I would now like to invite YOU to join ME in feeling better about things by streaming Vasudeva’s fine album “Life in Cycles” in full. Let's play it together. And start to feel better about things at the same time. That would be cool.

(P.S. before streaming it together, I want to also say super quick that these guys are bros with Gates and for the love of god you should also check out the intense goodness of that band too.)

OK. Ready? 1-2-3. PLAY.

Published May 26, 2014



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