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Written by Patrick McNamara

A very peaceful band whose hushed, placid tones can be compared to the quiet serenity of a Thomas Kinkade lighthouse painting, or the softly flickering light from a lavender scented Yankee Candle, or the careful tearing of a delicately wrapped box of chocolates sent to you for no reason other than that someone special loves you.

Just kidding! How long did I have you? Did I lose you at the chocolate thing? Yeah. It was probably the chocolate thing that did it. Anyway, Brooklyn’s Vulture Shit is a loud, aggressive, sweaty, meaty, mighty punk band that get all up in your face and go BOOMY SLUDGE SLUDGE BOOM. Because of course they do. You’re not going to name your band Vulture Shit and then get up there and sit on a stool and sound like Iron & Wine. And if these are indeed our endless numbered days, we might as well listen to BOOMY SLUDGE SLUDGE BOOMS rather than muted notes played between pin drops.

Guess what instrument none of these three dudes use when they make this noisy punk though? If you guess drums, you’d be totally wrong! If you guess a bass, wow, you suck at this game! If you guess guitars, you probably cheated. And that’s not cool. There are no shortcuts in the game of life.

That’s right. Vulture Shit don’t need your stinking guitars. Guitars are totally lamestream. One bass player. One drummer. One singer/shouter/talker. That’s all they need to rock the BOOMY SLUDGE SLUDGE BOOMS, son!

(By the way, these guys have played a bunch of shows with Big Ups. And by the way, I like Big Ups too. But screw those guys. They have their own profile. Stop sabotaging the one for Vulture Shit.)

Conveniently posted below is a nice insane song written by someone who was apparently REALLY hungry at the time he wrote it.

Published September 24, 2013



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