((Wampire)) Band Profile and Upcoming Los Angeles Concerts - Oh My Rockness

Portland's Wampire rocks the eccentro-pop that Ariel Pink. Wait. What? That was weird. I was in the middle of saying something. Anyway, Wampire rock the eccentro Ariel Pink. What the hell? It did it again. Why do the words "Ariel Pink" keep butting in like that? My computer isn't alive or anything, is it? Maybe because I accidentally spilled a can of soda on it last night and that short-circuited the wires and crossed up the connection which somehow made it human or something? Hello? Keyboard? You're still an inanimate object, aren't you? So moving on, Wampire rocks th Ariel Pink Ariel Pink Ariel Pink. Ahhhhhh!

OK. I'll stop with that now. It was just an exercise to prepare you, as you're going to be hearing that comparison a lot over the next few months. I think it's because both Wampire and Ariel Pink make pop that's somehow accessible due to its inaccessibility. Yeah. I'm challenged by this conundrum too.

Anyway, what was I saying? Who cares. I'll just say this. I like Wampire's jams. They're weird. And they get kind of old school proggy sometimes. Get into it.

(Also, please note that Wampire just covered Kraftwerk for a 7" they put out on Polyvinyl. So there's another comparison for you besides ARIELPINKARIELPINKARIELPINKARIELPINKARIELPINKARIELPINK.)

Published February 6, 2013



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