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Like The Barreracudas, Oakland's Warm Soda (ex-Bare Wires) was also one of the best bands I saw at SXSW 2013. Maybe I'm just really into retro '70s FM pop these days. I don't know how these things happen, dear Rockness reader. I don't know. But I don't worry or overthink these phases or tendencies. I just cast my fate to the wind and hope for the best.

Warm Soda are so nice I saw them twice down there in Austin, Texas. (And I would have seen them three times but I was too busy eating Doritos and wondering where it all went wrong.) These guys rock the power-glam-garage-pop that sounds big and legit and, well, real. Yes. You heard that here first. They sounded like a real band. Shocking. Of course, sounding "real" shouldn't be as rare of an occurrence as it is. But you know how it is with this newfangled technology these days. The software and buttons and plugs and wires can make everyone sound like a rock star....in their bedroom....or on their bandcamp page. It's another thing entirely to sound like a rock star from the stage. Live, Warm Soda are rock stars. I was there. I saw it. I heard it. Twice. Did I mention that?

Somewhat relatedly, I hear this band The Strokes (ask your parents, kids) have a new record coming out. If they tour for it (and ye$$$ they most certainly will tour for it), they should consider asking Warm Soda to open for them. Just my two cents - which instead of buying a booking opinion, I could have used to buy a piece of gum - and then I could've blown a giant bubble while I blasted Warm Soda. I bet these guys go great with bubblegum. And whisky. But I don't have enough money for whisky.

Please give these guys a spin below. Oh wait. I mean, a stream. An embedded play. Or something. I still don't totally understand these newfangled technology terms. I think you'll like what you hear. Go big. Go real. Or go home. That's my motto. And I'm sticking to it. Until I decide to get into a new motto. And get into some other genre other than '70s FM pop. Tribal ballet looks promising for me to embrace in 2014. But who knows. I just cast my fate to the wind, guys.

Published March 21, 2013



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