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Water From Your Eyes

Written by Patrick McNamara

Brooklyn's Water From Your Eyes is Rachel Brown and Nate Amos.

If good synth pop grooves make you dance and cry with delight, you'd be wise have a box of Kleenex* nearby when you give this perfectly pleasant duo a blast.

You're gonna like these easy breezy beats.

Enjoy a carefree stream of their 100% chill album All a Dance below (via Exploding in Sound Records) whenever you're ready to improve your mood.

Think rainy days and Mondays meets sunny days and Saturdays meets Stereolab.

*the use of "Kleenex" above instead of "tissues" is a classic case of carelessly throwing around a generic trademark -> "a trademark or brand name that, due to its popularity, has become the generic name for a general class of product or service. The process of a product's name becoming genericized is known as genericide." - trusted source: Wikipedia

**anybody have a Band-Aid I cut my finger typing the unnecessary footnote above and it smarts so bad there's water coming from my eyes

Published May 14, 2018



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