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Bay Area punks, Wax Idols, rock the yelping distorted ditties. Ask yer Granpaw what a dittie is. He wouldn't know or like Wax Idols though. Unless he's the coolest ol' summabitch of a Granpaw. Ok. Nevermind that now. Nevermind that now.

This band is powered by Heather Fedewa (ex-Hunx & His Punx and a bunch of other bands) who may or may not be the long lost love child of Joan Jett and Richard Hell. I mean, she's not. But I guess there is an infinitesimal chance for anything happening in this unknowable mechanism that is the world, yeah? No? Oh.

So yeah. Back to the beginning. This is punk rock. You know what that is. But it also has elements of that swirly wave-y gloom going on too. Bet you know what that is too. And oh yeah. You can dance to Wax Idols too. I don't know why. But you most definitely can.

I think all this means you can call Wax Idols "post-punk." Although that name doesn't mean anything. I heard a new Kenny Chesney song today while strolling around the Bed, Bath and Beyond. It was made in 2013. Which is after 1977. Therefore, all the songs Kenny Chesney has ever made are "post-punk." I knew I liked that ol' summabitch Kenny Chesney for a reason. This duvet I just bought will always remind me of him.

I like Wax Idols too. Maybe you will. Maybe you won't. But I believe you will. Because I believe in YOU.

Published February 28, 2013



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