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Written by Patrick McNamara

Toronto's Weaves is a fuzzy eccentro-pop* band that rock DIY micro anthems that are both punk, dramatic, and playful. You'll get some pretty solid riffage for you to thrash about with, for sure, but you're also gonna get some sweet organ solos and bizzaro distortion and other odd easter egg wonderments like that, man. You'll never know which way Weaves' songs will swoop and slide but you'll be stoked to be along for the ride. So says this music blob.

The band of four (Jasmyn! Morgan! Spencer! Zach!) released their s/t EP for the excellent Toronto label Buzz Records (home to: HSY + The Beverleys + Greys + Odonis Odonis = all good bands I've written kind words about too) some time in the far distant past (what was 2014 even LIKE, mannn) and you can enjoy listening to it here while reflecting on all the good things that happened to you last year.

But let's get caught up a little bit closer to present day (3:22 PM in The 6th Month of The Year That I'm Writing This A.D.) because Weaves recently released a new song called “Tick" and it's a straight Phi Slamma Jamma. I've taken the trouble of posting it for you below and you don't even want to know how long it took me to copy and paste the track's embed code, so the least you could do is listen to it, if not for me than for you, because you can press play and have an instant party while you procrastinate from more important things, because that's what this song sounds like to me, a party. Everybody who also thinks this sounds like a party say “YEAH!" in the comments section this music blob has thankfully never had. YEAH!

File Under: PARTY

RIYL: things working out

*still trying to get "eccentro-pop" recognized as a legit music genre term by the music industry illuminati: since 2004

Published June 16, 2015



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