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Written by Patrick McNamara

Do you like the punk rock? Well come on in!

Brooklyn-via-Tucson's Weird Womb play super fun garage-punk that comes quick with the fuzzy riffs and extended guitar squeals and the heavy hitting drums. Sounds like a party to me. Then again, a metal ladle clinking the side of the punch bowl full of floating marshmallows also sounds like a party to me. So take that for what it’s worth.

And with many Weird Wombs’ songs falling somewhere in the two-minute range, these guys don’t waste any time getting “the party started” (bet you’ve never heard that expression before). Make it concise. Make it tight. And make it loud. Get in. Do it. Get out. That’s Weird Womb’s mission. SHOULD YOU CHOOSE TO ACCEPT IT. If you don’t like punk, you’ll probably pull a Bartleby and prefer not to accept it. And that’s fine. You go on your own journey, man. Passive resistance is cool too.

There’s a bit of the late ‘70s NYC punk situation in this party. Richard Hell and the Voidoids for sure at work here. Especially when singer Dakota Pollack gives into Hell’s (should be) patented punk rock yelp. Oh, Richard Hell. You’re still an icon and still a gigantic ___________. (you can)(fill in the)(blank)(generation)

Of note. Weird Womb has a song called “Weird Womb.” And do you know what would be a good top ten list to make? The ten best bands named after their own song. That list probably already exists though, yeah? I’m afraid to Google it. If it exists, that would only serve to expose my own unoriginality. And I’m afraid that’s a rejection I just wouldn’t be able to take. I’d drown my sorrows in red marshmallow punch. (sure, in moderation it’s a party - but dip that metal ladle one too many times and that clink can also be the sound of DESPAIR)

Wait. Did I mention I really like Weird Womb? I do. Like them, I mean. Sorry. I thought that was implied. Therefore I took the implication to mean free license to meander and ramble. I should be more respectful of your time. Like Weird Womb is.

Get in. Do it. Get out. This is. Punk. Rock.

Published April 23, 2013



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