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Written by Patrick McNamara

Whateverer is a power indie punk emo pop band (please feel free to rearrange those descriptive genre words in whatever order you see fit) from Tallahassee, an extremely hard city to spell in Florida. The band features a couple of the dudes (David! Jack!) from Ex-Breathers, a very good hardcore band that I have been meaning to write about for awhile now. Someday, Ex-Breathers. Someday soon.

While catching up on my important band browsing on The Face Book, I couldn’t help but notice that Whateverer say they are influenced by Superchunk (yep) + The Weakerthans (yep) + Weezer (yep). That’s 3 for 3 in yeps. Wow. A band can describe their own influences better than any alt music blob ever could. It’s almost like the creators know their own creations better than the peeps sitting on the sidelines. Imagine that. But can I just add my own two cents and say that I really like their bendy guitars? Thx.

Speaking of bendy, as of this writing (I’m not tell you the date or the year I am writing these words because I am a very private person - call my cell if you really want to know - 1-800-PP5-1-Doo-Doo), Whatevever just released a brand spanking new 5 song EP called “Bend” and it’s very good. You should listen to the whole thing (because it will make staring at that damn screen of yours a more tolerable experience) but pay particular attention to tracks #3 and #4. I will say no more. Perhaps I have already said too much.

Oh yeah. I almost forgot. The two other dudes in this band are Scott (!) and Ronnie (!) and I didn’t want to leave them out because it takes four to tango, pal.

RIYL: Superchunk + The Weakerthans + Weezer

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Published August 25, 2014



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