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Vancouver's White Lung are three ladies and one dude who play skittish punk rock. These songs sound nervy. You know that feeling? When energy and anxiety collide to mix up the magic in your mind? Of course you do. It's such a fun feeling. Well, it is in music anyway.

So White Lung shred. That's what happens when the punk rock's good. But there are some nice melodies going on in and around and above all the noise too. These guitars. These guitars are tricky bastards, I tell you. No matter what sweet nothings White Lung's guitars sing to you; do not trust them. The minute you turn your back, their melodic song-and-dance routine will turn into a straight rumble. And the guitars will JAB and STAB you in the back, bub. Hey. It happened to me. Watch for it. Wait for it. And then submit. What the hell. White Lung are loud and fast and quick and, hey, if you're gonna get cut, it might as well be by guitars like this.

Final thought. White Lung kind of remind me of Pretty Girls Make Graves - that solid Seattle band currently floating in the sky (#neverforget). But White Lung sounds angrier. You know? Stream it below. You'll know. But whether they actually are angrier depends on the lyric interpretations culled during brief moments spent on spammy lyrics websites. I didn't do it. I'm too scared. Curse be to those who visit without their pop-up blockers on.

Me to tech support guy: "I don't know what happened. The last thing I remember I was searching for the lyrics to Whitney Houston's One Moment in Time song - you know, the one from the 1988 Seoul Olympics? Yeah, it WAS a good one. I know. Totally inspiring! And then all of a sudden the next thing I knew my computer just exploded right before my eyes."

Published March 7, 2013



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