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Nashville’s Wild Cub play jubilant and grand electropop with a bit of noodle-y guitar action thrown in. Can we call this massively catchy synth math, perhaps? I guess so. Since that call just happened.

You will not be sad if you go to a Wild Cub show. You may be overwhelmed by all the different things going on (if the band members have to wear headphones - you know it’s gotta be complicated up there) - but you will not be sad. This is happy times. Wild Cub sing and play and are just generally jolly. Could we get away with calling this a joyful jamboree, perhaps? I guess so.

Wild Cub sound a little like I’m From Barcelona meets Foals meets one of those grand Asthmatic Kitty bands like Sufjan’s crew or Danielson’s family. (I’m From Barcelona?? What is this, 2005??)

No. It’s 2013, actually (just because you put your snarky insults in parentheses doesn’t mean we can’t see them - and that I’m From Barcelona Treehouse song was a pretty happy jam!). Wild Cub have only been a band for a year or so. They formed wayyy back in 2012 by songwriter Keegan DeWitt and multi-instrumentalist Jeremy Bullock (they made their debut at Bonnaroo, of all places - good debut gig if you can get it). And those two guys just started adding more members.

Wild Cub are now a band of five. Or, six. Sometimes. Maybe it’s seven. It really depends on how many guest vocalists/hand-clappers/percussionists/cabasas shakers they decide to bring in at any given time. It’s a collective, guys. Collective’s are often evolving entities. And ultimate happiness may just be one more member away.

Below is a video of the Wild Cub’s big time jam. I hope you enjoy it. If nothing else, you won’t be sad.

Published May 27, 2013



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