((Women)) Band Profile and Upcoming Los Angeles Concerts - Oh My Rockness

Calgary's Women are a band that sounds like they're in a time warp. Luckily, the time warp they're stuck in was really dope (no pun intended... maybe). These guys should have been bros with the Velvet Underground and those other lo-fi heroes of yesteryear. Andy Warhol should have produced their debut record (no offense to their real recorder, Chad VanGaalen. He's good too!).

The four young lads of Women should be like 60-years-old by now and all washed-up. Each one of them should have put out a bunch of solo albums that were ill-conceived vanity projects. They should have gone on three reunion tours in the last decade or two and yelled at all the fans having the nerve to take their picture.

Instead, Women have their whole lives ahead of them. By the way, they also might appeal to fans of more modern day kids like Animal Collective. (But wait, do I hear The Beach Boys too? Time warp, I tell you!) Get their record on Jagjaguwar (Oneida, Bon Iver, Okkervil River).
Published November 6, 2008



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