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Written by Patrick McNamara

WOMPS is a super dope duo from Glasgow (straight outta Scotland) that plays razor tight stabby jabby punk that pops and jumps and jingles and jangles and gets messy in a most carefully constructed way. Yes, this is good shit.

The band (Ewan Grant on guitars/vocals + Owen Wicksted on drums) was around for a bit under a different name so if any of the 13 of you reading this right now has ever said, “What ever happened to that band Algernon Doll?," I just solved a big time mystery for you. Thank me in the comments section this music blob has never had.

WOMPS recently recorded two songs with Steve Albini (I think I've heard of him) and they both shred something good. Hell, don't take my words for it if you don't want to, you unbelieving heathen (why can you trust me). Stream it for yourself below. Please remember, it works best if you blast it. (Also, have you ever heard my theory that Chicago producer Steve Albini and Chicago playwright David Mamet are actually the same person? I'd be happy to tell it to you sometime. In the meantime, you try finding a pic of both in the same room at the same time.)

As of this writing (12:36 PM in the Year That I'm Writing This A.D.) this super dope band is set to play CMJ and they're one of the few I really give a shit about seeing so consider joining me as I've always wanted a real live friend to see a rock 'n roll show with.

WOMPS has also shared the stage recently with METZ + Cloud Nothings + FIDLAR and those bands rule. But you already knew that. And now you know WOMPS do to. What you now choose to do with this new knowledge is straight up to you. I just blob here.

Published September 14, 2015



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