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Manchester, England’s World Unite! Lucifer Youth Foundation (also known as WU LYF) was originally one of those bands that liked to be all mysterious and stuff. You know... bandanas around the face and cryptic websites and not granting interviews and such.

But they've recently seemed to come out and (mostly) embrace their well-warranted acclaim, so don't hold any of their initial mysterious silliness against them. You don't want to miss WU LYF's seriously epic jams just because of the bandana thing. And hey, we now know that this band is fronted by a guy named Ellery Roberts. So that's progress.

This is clearly a GUITAR band. Led by Roberts' blistering vocals, WU LYF rock out with those mentioned guitars and like to use them to get all climactic and inspired and stuff. But there's a strangely eclectic and exciting undercurrent to their (mostly) pop songs. And because of this, comparisons have gone from Explosions in the Sky (climatic guitar thing) and Modest Mouse (vocals) to Captain Beefheart (strangeness) and Black Flag (ya got me).

Can I suggest a tour with Titus Andronicus too? Maybe? Anyway, no one seems to be able to peg these guys quite clearly, and WU LYF clearly enjoy not being able to be pegged.

But really, what's the mystery here? There is none. WU LYF is just a band. They're not wizards or wiccans or werewolves under those bandanas. They're simply young guys (at least two members are 20 and 21, it seems) making really good new shit. Boom. Now you know all you need to know.

Published July 20, 2011



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