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Written by Patrick McNamara

Los Angeles duo (via Melbourne*) Wunder Wunder play bright and shiny synth popster rock that sounds like Phoenix meeting up with Friendly Fires to take the old time machine for a spin and spend the afternoon with their buds in The Byrds. And then maybe have a cup of LSD spiked coffee with Electric Light Orchestra too and realize that everything is one. If there’s time. Wunder Wunder has plenty of things to do in 2014, don't you know, ELO.

I think you might like this. Because it's pretty much a glossy melodic love fest. And that sounds fun, doesn't it? C'mon! Let's read on!

So who are the players involved in this situation? You need names. It’s a good thing I research real hard on this music blob. Professional producers Aaron “Wunder” Shanahan and Benjamin “Wunder” Plant are the men behind Wunder Wunder. That’s why things sound so well-crafted and meticulous around here. Lo-fi, this pop is not.

Instead you will soar on these synths and surely sing along as you fly so high. So, so high. Watch out for the sun, little man. If you forget everything else I’ve told you about this band, please remember that. Watch out... for the sun.

The lovely record label Dovecote (Hooray For Earth + Jonquil + Wise Blood + other sublime bands) recently released the band’s full-length album “Everything Infinite” (totally, man). It’s good. You should get it. And I should mind my own business. Below are a couple of "cuts" (buzz word spoken by Music Industry Insiders only) from the record. Let me know if you like it. But I think you will. Because I believe in you.


One World.


*Melbourne is 9 hours and 24 minutes from Sydney in current traffic - they're not the same city - you heard that here FIRST.

Published September 15, 2014



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