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San Francisco's Young Prisms play fuzzed out, spacey psych rock that is all swirly and noisy and hazy and narcotic, man. It's narcotic! So basically exactly what you think a young up-and-coming band from San Francisco would sound like (minus the great garage rock situation SF has got going).

This is a band best listened to with the harsh white lights of the room off and the warm colored lights of your home planetarium on. You should totally listen to this band when you go to Mars, man. You know what I'm saying... yeah, I know you do.

Young Prisms have been compared to bands like Sonic Youth (any band that uses noise effectively is compared to Sonic Youth) and My Bloody Valentine (any band that uses swirl effectively is... well, you know). Actually, they sound like a lot of bands. But that's neither here or there now is it?

It's also been said that Young Prisms plays "sun-drenched" music, but I don't agree. Young Prisms are drenched by the night; those clear, moon filled nights when all the stars are out and your mind gets blown by the hugeness of the universe. "Whoa. Is that a shooting star I just saw, man? Man, I totally think that was a shooting star!" Yeah. That's what Young Prisms is all about.

Published February 1, 2012



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