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Written by Patrick McNamara

Yung is a punk band (with pretty melodies) from Denmark that absolutely destroys live and I think I should know considering I just saw them play last night and instantly knew I must write about them in the morning. But moving on…

The band is led by Mikkel Holm Silkjær***, a young wunderkind who's been writing songs since he was just a kid living in Aarhus (the second largest city in Denmark, approximately 116 miles northwest of Copenhagen, Aarhus is a port city that began as a fortified Viking settlement [side note: purchase and read this book IMMEDIATELY it's so good just do it you'll thank me for it and after you're done you will pay it forward to someone else in your life who likes to read great books], and the city is the 92nd largest in the EU, and I better stop there and return to the band because I can't just be pulling facts from Wikipedia all day).

Remember when I said I just saw Yung last night? I totally wasn't lying. I was talking to this dude and then they started SHREDDING and I was like, “Dude, I totally can't talk to you right now." They were riding the great wave up there, man. Those driving jingle jangle rhythms that eventually explode, though. I could've stood there for hours. And I didn't check my phone once! Wow! Rare! Mint!

Yung recently signed to Fat Possum (File Under: A Good Label) and recently released a very good EP called “These Thoughts Are Like Mandatory Chores." I've conveniently provided a song from it below called "Blue Uniforms" and it's EPIC and will instantly put you in a better mood. So help me blob. I'm listening to it even as I write this which explains why this band profile is so good.

In summation, go see this band. It's what the Vikings (the original punks - before Richard Hell did anything Red Orm did everything) and myself would've wanted.

And seriously, you gotta read The Long Ships.

*** other members = Frederik Nybo Veilie (drums) + Tobias Guldborg Tarp (bass) + Emil Zethsen (guitar) and I'm sure they are all wunderkinds too

Published October 12, 2015



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