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Written by Patrick McNamara

The three guys in Zig Zags (Jed! Bobby! Patrick!) straight shred. They might be badasses too. But I don't know them personally. Even though I feel a close connection with Patrick. I do know that once these grimy riffs come kicking - look out! Don't headbang yourself into a concussion. Furiously air guitar along at your wrist's own risk. It's all fun and games acting like a joyful fool until somebody gets hurt.

L.A.’s Zig Zags make sludge-y classic power metal for scavengers and monster wizards. Don’t believe me? Then why did this band name two of their songs on their recent riff heavy 7” “Scavengers” and “Monster Wizard?” OOH. BUST. BURN. Now that’s what I call #dynamic #blob #research. Speaking of 7”s, Zig Zag’s latest one (oh, they have released a bunch of stuff for different labels like Burger and Mexican Summer and In the Red - but let's not get into it right now) was recorded by Ty Segall.

("Behind the Blob" time. I’m using Ty Segall's name recognition - along with those labels mentioned - as validation that you really should get into this band. I MIGHT be right when I say Zig Zags are a good and maybe badass band. But so is a broken clock twice a day. Ty Segall, however, is ALWAYS right. About everything. And that I DON’T back down from. End "Behind the Blob" time.)

Blast these two songs below and watch your world go from clean to chaos before you can scream BOOM! ZOOM! DOOM! And while I don't really know what that even means..... in closing......Ty Segall.

Published May 5, 2014



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