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Written by Patrick McNamara

Pittsburgh’s Adventures are a band of five (Reba = vox/guitar + Dom = guitar + Joe = bass/vocals + Jami = drums + Kimi = keyboards/vocals) that play wonderfully harmonious pop punk that’s tight and crunchy and ably played and sung so very nicely. Get ready to sing along to this band. Don’t worry about learning the words first. Those will come in time. For now, sing loud, sing proud, and fake it till you make it.

The band (I’m blasting their jams right now as I write these very words which is why this optimistic profile has so much bounce and pep in its step) has sent several releases onto the complex servers of the World Wide Intrasphere. These include splits with Pity Sex and Run Forever, and by the way that reminds me, their current record label is Run For Cover (home to: Whirr + Crying + Modern Baseball + CSTVT + on and on the goodness goes).

Adventures will release their full-length debut “Supersonic Home” for those super sweet folks on 2/17/15 and I apologize that being so specific like that will almost immediately out date this band profile. Oh well. Consider it a time capsule. Right now you can listen to two EXTREMELY catchy songs from that new album directly below thanks to my Herculean efforts in sourcing the embed code and copy/pasting/posting it for you. "I can be your hero, baby. I can kiss away the pain. I will stand by you forever. You can take..........my breath away." (that's song's been suck in my head for approximately 15 years, btw)

Go ahead. Play those two super solid songs now. It's cool. I’ll wait.

So what did you think? Good band, right? You wanted to sing along right? Amazing. So does this mean you’ll be willing to see Adventures when they play a show near your town soon? TERRIFIC. That's all I'm really here for so I guess my work is done?

So........what else is going on?

Published February 9, 2015



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