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Written by Patrick McNamara

Let's see if I can get through this band profile without once mentioning the word grunge.


Dead Soft is a “heavy pop band" (source: Facebook) from Vancouver that makes fuzzy crunchy songs (grunge) that will make you feel happy, especially when they get to slamming that distortion pedal. Boom goes the joy! You're going to like the way this band crushes out - I guarantee it.

The trio (Nathaniel Epp + Keeley Rochon + Graeme McDonald) formed a little while back (source: unknown) and have shared stages (not at the same time, they took turns) with solid peeps like Speedy Ortiz + Alex G + Bully. Though they shred I want to stress that you can easily sing along to Dead Soft's rippers too. After all, we must not forget the “pop" part of “heavy pop band" (source: Facebook). It's the pop, don't you see? The secret lies within the pop. Follow the pop!

The band released their solid debut full-length in 2014 (I've conveniently provided it below for you to stream in full because I'm always doing sweet things like that) and, more recently, followed that up with a new song (new as of this writing anyway…. 9:31 AM in the Year That I'm Writing This A.D.) called “The Wind" (no, not a cover of one of my favorite songs of all time). Guess what? It's good.

I'll tell you what. I'll let you stream that one as well (so sweet!). As you listen to it (works best if you blast it) think “Touch of Grey" by Grateful Dead (listen for the "I will get by" inspired chorus... you hear it too, right?.... please tell me I'm not the only one.... I would just #die) as played by Foo Fighters... but back when Foo Fighters was a good band.... so... hang on let me crunch the numbers on that.... the Foo Fighters of 18 years ago (source: myself).

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RIYL: G-_-U-_-G-E

Published November 2, 2015



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