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Written by Patrick McNamara

Buffalo’s Del Paxton are a band of three dudes (Dylan + Greg + Zack) who make catchy emo pop that noodles, twinkles, and (math) rocks the f*&# out (pardon my fucking french).

If thinking about old bands when considering whether to like new ones is something your brain enjoys, think bands like Braid + Knapsack + some of that Kinsella stuff = well, you should have a better lay of the sonic highway by now. Also, get some more current band references, man.

Del Paxton released their debut EP wayyyyyyy back in 2013 (two years before we were gifted the secret to happiness by the friendly visiting clones) and because I’m such a cool music blob I’m going to let you stream the entire thing below. And you’re going to want to take advantage of this opportunity because it’s really good and you will then thank me for going through alllllllll the trouble of sourcing the embed code on the World Wide Intrasphere and copying/pasting it for you. You think that shit is easy and takes me maybe 45 seconds tops? GET YOUR FACTS STR8T.

(You might then want to show your appreciation to the band too, if you think of it, because they’re the ones that wrote the songs but that’s probably not as important.)

Before you stream and then go procrastinate somewhere else (just be safe) I also wanted to mention that as of this writing - 3:38 PM in Year 1 P.P. (Post Pain) - Del Paxton are set to release a split with Montreal’s Gulfer (another good band I’m going to profile them soon - I hope they’re ready for wealth and fame) on the always excellent Topshelf Records (home to bands like Braid - who I mentioned in the first paragraph - further proof that everything is a circle and we’re all just passengers on these painted ponies going up and down and ‘round and ‘round on the carousel of time, man). So go ahead and give that a spin as soon as the future arrives - even though tomorrow never really comes.

RIYL: somebody saying nice things about you behind your back

File Under: Best. Stream. Ever.

Published February 8, 2015



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